Thursday, February 6, 2014

Playing Captain's Ball

This is the first time I came to CultureLink. My friend recommended the Wintegration Youth Program at CultureLink to me, as she had been there a few times before. I decided to go there with her on February 6.

"My friend (Siran) recommended the Wintegration Program to me" ~ Betty

I met a lots of new friends here, they are from different countries and different schools, and Lynda, the program facilitator, was really nice.
Captain's Ball is a game similar to basketball

At the beginning ,we introduced ourselves, then we played a ball game,we threw the ball to someone and called that person’s name at the same time. It’s a good way to remember each other’s names. Then, we played Captain’s ball, which is a game that is similar to basketball. 

We were divided into two teams. I’m not athletic and I seldom play sports, so I was a little bit scared. Lynda encouraged me and I tried to participate more and to blend in with the others. It was really interesting!

"I am not atheletic (but) I tried to participate more and blend in with the others" ~Betty

I think CultureLink is a good place for me to practice my English, and it also provides opportunities for me to earn volunteer hours. The most important thing is that I can learn how to be more confident and have more experience here.

Written By: Betty Cao
Edited By: Lynda Young

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