Friday, February 7, 2014

Watching Toronto Rock -- Our first Lacrosse game!

"A very big thank you to Kids Up Front for the tickets!! We had very awesome seats and I had a great time! And I'm happy because I finally got chance to watch it!" ~Flyura
On February 7, Wintegration program went to watch a lacrosse game between Toronto Rock and Philadelphia Wings! 

"I've never seen this game before..." ~Flyura

"The lacross game was fun! I liked the game, and it was my first time watching this game!" ~Mohammed Yacot

We are very thankful for Kids Up Front for such amazing tickets! We had a good time and also it was very interesting to learn something new about sport. I've never seen this game before and it was a great opportunity for me and my friends to watch this game. Moreover, Toronto's team "Rock" won the game!!!! Also that game inspired me to try to learn how to play lacrosse.  Who knows maybe in the future one of us will play for "Rock"  :)

Written by: Flyura Zakirova
Edited by: Young

"The game was so good .. My first time to watch a lacrosse game .. I wish we can try playing it in CultureLink 'cuz it seems like a very cool game!" ~ Angela

"I had fun, Thanks Kids Up Front!" ~Nic

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