Tuesday, January 28, 2014

London Road

    When I was first told that I could attend to a musical I was intrigued and excited, for I have never attended one before. The location, Bluma Appel Theatre, was also a new to me. These were good news, since I'm not the kind of person who ventures around the city on his own too often, so it seemed like a good way to refresh my mind from after the school exams.
Ticket and a preview of the play, London Road. 

    It was Tuesday, January 28th, when I departed from my home, in anticipation of the unknown experience. When I eventually got there, after the enjoyable struggle of navigating a new area, I met with the group, including a few new friends and Lynda. We had to wait for some members of the group, it gave us a nice chance to talk and socialise, something that I appreciated, for it was that day that I took my last two exams, and the day that the exam stress lingered around me the most. After the wait, it was time to venture into what I anticipated the most, the musical. It was called, "London Road". It should have given me a sign that the accent of the English used in the play would be a British accent, but it was still surprising to me. Although it was difficult to understand at first , it quickly became enjoyable. It was definitely something new and different! 

     The musical started on a low note, weird to say the least, but as it went on, it became quite vivid, funny, and deep with thought. The play had a dramatic, somewhat dark theme, yet it carried smiles and laughter. It was funny, while managing to get the seriousness of the theme into my thought. As the mid-break settled in, I was amazed and quite happy about the experience, but it wasn't over, was it? History repeats itself, especially here. The second part continued with the same excitement, laughter, thought. Then it ended with a soft, light, enjoyable note. Indeed something new, but even more, something great as it is new.
Culture Link and most of its members who attended, and enjoyed, the play!
               Overall, it was a experience that was good as it was new to me. It has opened my eyes to another form of entertainment --- quite good entertainment! I would love to go again, and I will, one day, I will. I must thank Kids Up Front for the opportunity for such an opportunity, for such an experience.

Written by: Jorge Tejeda
Edited by: Young

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