Thursday, May 31, 2018

May with Global Roots

Global Roots Program is well underway as we begin planting in our newly renovated gardens! It is a very exciting time as we prepare to collect our first harvest and fill the gardens with spring time plants like tomato, kale, celery and parsley. 

On our first day of programming, the youth planted sunflower seeds, by the next week the sunflower seeds had sprouted and the youth prepared the beautiful snack below for the seniors.

Looking forward to more gardening and filling this amazing space with some fresh, organic, edible plants! 

Kipling Bike Club: Final Days

The final weeks for the Kipling Bike Club were fun filled adventures as we FINALLY got nice enough weather to move the program outdoors. We had a nice picnic to celebrate the fun times all year. Can't wait to start it up again in September!

We also took a group from Marc Garneau for a bike ride in a local park. What a great way to end the season!

Mimico Multicultural Club: May Activities

 May with the Mimico Multicultural Club has been amazing as we are able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! The group is still training hard for the MudGirl Marathon in June, but they are having lots of fun and staying active in the process!

On one program day, the group made comic strips out of polaroid photos. They came up with a story line as a group and then starred in their own pictoral journey! Below you can see the girls setting up their scenes...

At the end of the day, the group presented their stories to the rest.

On another day, we used the polaroid cameras to take posed 'high-fashion' photos as we did a nature walk.

When days are rainy at Mimico, we make our own fun indoors! On this day, the group choreographed dances to tell personal stories to the rest of the group. Such talented girls!

On another program day, the group headed down to a local festival to enjoy free food (like cotton candy and hand made cookies), activities (pottery painting and face paints) as well as some beautiful performances. In fact, some of the group were actually performing in the festival and we were able to cheer on our team as they sang!

Tree For Me: Tree Giveaway Event

On May 27, 2018, Youth in Action and SEAP Programs hosted the Tree for Me event at CultureLink Children & Youth Centre. Tree for Me is a community-powered backyard tree planting program where Toronto residents and non-profit organizations were able to receive free native trees in order to improve the tree canopy in Toronto for future generations. This event was in support of the Every Tree Counts campaign in partnership with Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.  This connection was made possible by the Bike Host program.
There were 7 volunteers from SEAP and Youth in Action who worked hard to make this event possible with community outreach and facilitating workshops. On the day of the event there were 75 trees given away and Councillor Sarah Doucette was able to come visit and support the youth in our community.  

Thank you to Councillor Doucette for coming out and showing support for our environmental event, and to our student placement Denise for all her hard work.

The biggest thank you to our amazing youth volunteers (especially Yahya, Zak, Muad, Amaar, Charlie, Layal and Mahnoor) for their help outreaching and facilitating and for their enthusiasm in building a brighter future!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Youth in Arts make Indigenous-Inspired Art

On Thursday, Youth in Arts drop-in had an evening of expressive arts using only paper, acrylic paint and Q-tips. After looking through different masterpieces by famous Canadian Indigenous Artists, Youth adapted their painting techniques to their own masterpieces!
Youth hard at work!
Great job, everyone!
Love the colours!
Great job!
Snapchat and social media is meaningful to Sawsan!

Walid exploring the different colours he can make!
Amazing job, everyone!

 If you are interested in joining "Youth in Arts", please contact Nour Abu-Shaaban by email at!