Sunday, September 29, 2013

Visit to Ontario Science Centre

   We went to Ontario Science Centre on September 29.2013. Everyone met at Pape Subway Station. Then, we spent around 15 minutes on TCC bus number 25.
   We firstly got a hand-out which was the activity we would be doing. The worksheet was about living earth, science arcade and human body which were all the stuff that is related to our surroundings, and the living beings surrounding us. We were given 30 minutes to fill out the worksheet. That was too short a time, so I didn’t finish even half of it! However I got to try out some of the interactive exhibits, such as the machine to test the initial pH of rain, three different water fountains for you to try which groundwater would be safer, and also walk through a humid man-made rain forest, which also had three kinds of poisonous frogs with neon colors on display. For this challenge, the winner was Richard, as he got the most correct answers. Congratulations!
   We got to walk around and look around the Science Centre after the activity. We went to see an exhibit about all the different kinds of trees in the forest. We also went to the Space exhibit, which was pretty cool. We also went to see a huge inventive display which was beside the KidSpark, a playground for younger children. There were several metal balls rolling around across each gear by going in different ways. That was such a masterpiece! The people who made it must have spent so much time putting it together!
   Through visiting the Science Centre, I had a lot of fun. I not only got to see the modern developed technologies on science, but also I learned a lot from the worksheet activity,  as well as all the displays that we got to see and try out.
   It was a really enriching trip! Thanks KidsUpFront for the opportunity!

Written by: Jessica Wang
Edited by: Lynda Young
Posted by: Jessica Wang

Note: Thanks to Kids Up Front for the Community Tickets! Even though we didn’t get to use them because it turned out the Sep 29 was a Community Day at the Ontario Science Centre, so admission was free for all, we would not have gone if not for Kids Up Front! So, thank you!

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