Sunday, September 29, 2013

Community Day at the Ontario Science Centre

      Sunday, CultureLink’s Wintegration Program took us to the Ontario Science Centre for a visit. It was a community day and entrance was free, so the place was really crowded, and most of the exhibits and equipment were good to go.
After a long bus ride, we arrived at the Science Centre. One interesting thing was the water-based musical instrument at the gate of the museum. For me, it was a nice place to play some music when washing my hands! After we entered the museum, the first thing we did there was a quick half-an-hour activity which is more like a competition. Lynda, the Youth Program Worker from CultureLink, set us in the Earth Sciences section, and handed out a set of questions to finish. Although some of the equipments needed for us to answer some of the questions were, I quote, “We are working on it”, the science questions were still a piece of cake for the team of me and Paula. I managed to get the first place in the competition, with a little prize from Lynda. After that, we took a picture with a turtle. That was interesting because I actually played as that turtle! (The link for the photo is here
After that we were free walk around and explore more. There were lots of interesting things at the Science Centre, but the most interesting one I found was that there was a little radio station on Level 4 in which I could see what the daily life of a HAM is like (A ham means a radio transmission lover who sends and receives radio messages as a hobby rather than a job).When they told me that they got a chance to talk to the International Space Station, I kind of felt like that when I get a stable job and settle down (maybe on the dark side of the moon), I’d be a HAM in my spare time.
We also saw the astrology section and the genetics section, and they both got something to teach me.
Although it’s like little kids’ level science to me, it’s good that you take a breath from the things you learn and recall the memory of a kid. When I was young, about ten years old, my favorite places were the science centres around the world. I’ve been to science centres in China and Germany, and I’ve been looking for a science centre in Toronto. Thanks to CultureLink, I finally accomplished one of my dreams and got to meet new people and get new ideas. And thank you, Kids Up Front for the tickets! 
Written by: Richard Ren
Edited by: Lynda Young
Posted by: Jessica Wang

Note: Thanks to Kids Up Front for the Community Tickets! Even though we didn’t get to use them because it turned out the Sep 29 was a Community Day at the Ontario Science Centre, so admission was free for all, we would not have gone if not for Kids Up Front! So, thank you!

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