Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Summer Theatre Group

Our Summer Theatre Group wrote a short play titled "Our Journey Our Story". It is showing is various locations around the city now! Look out for them! See our calendar for their performance schedule!

"'Our Journey Our Story' is a unique and wonderful play because we created this play combining our own true stories. We put in a lot of effort and we had a lot of fun during the process. Now only did we create such a good play, we also created our beautiful and memorable memory together." ~Sofia Chen

"I think I have grown a lot this past month and a half. I no longer get scared talking in front of people anymore, my leadership skills have improved, and I am better at speaking out loud." ~Mohamed Zeituna 

"As a performer, I've grown a lot. I have learnt to cope with my fears, I've learnt how to be 'bigger', and i've learnt to control my voice. I have also learnt that lavender gives you courage! I've learnt how to take over the stage and make it my own, and that it is important to look at the audience to keep them engaged." ~Kaiesha Miller

"I believe that I have improved my performing skills, and also gained a lot of confidence on stage. I am hoping to keep on doing this in the future. I have also improved my English and I am hoping to improve more in school." ~Hudeify Ahmed

"As a performer, I think I have grown a lot, because I feel less embarassed when I perform in front of other people. I learnt that it's not easy to become a performer because you need to learn and you need to put in a lot of effort. I think the play, 'The Taming of the Shrew' that we saw gave me an idea of how to become a good actor. I believe that someday, we, as a group, will be even better than them becuase I believe that 'Anything is Possible!'" ~Mike Xu

"The best thing about this summer is that I think my heart become pure because when I am in CultureLink, there's no stress or pressure or competition. All there is is teamwork, responsibility and love. It is just like in my script, 'Yeah, I love it here; It's my home now. No, I won't forget any of the memories in this summer; I will miss you guys just like you guys will miss me. Farewell and keep in touch.'" ~Mike Xu

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