Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Celebrating Eid with Theatre Program youths

Through sharing their own stories, the participants of the Youth Theatre Program got to learn about one another's culture. Besides their collaboration in writing, rehearsing and performing a play based on their cultural sharing, the participants also celebrated Eid together! 

"For Eid, I learnt a lot of information about Islamic traditions. Thank you, Derek, for giving us an opportunity to learn, and also to make cards for our friends. It was a great experience!" ~Sofia Chen

Mike Xu, Kaiesha Miller and Sofia Chen are ready with their hand-made cards personalised for their Muslim friends in the Youth Theatre Program.

"It was great getting a Eid card, I felt really special getting it. Also, it felt so nice that our non-Muslim friends took their time to just learn about our festival. I am so thankful!" ~Zeituna Mohamed

"Abdi showed me what a faithful  Muslim he is, because he always follows the rules. He fasted before Eid, .. it makes me think about religions in the world." ~Mike Xu (with Hudeify in photo)

"I feel happy to get a card. It was a surprise to get a card. It was nice to get a card from others who are not Muslim" ~Abdi

CultureLink's Summer Theatre Program showcased "Our Story, Our Journey", a play they wrote, rehearsed and performed in various locations throughout the summer of 2013.

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