Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Visit to Foodshare

"Toni, our tour guide for the day"
Wintegration visited Foodshare on Wednesday, May 1, which is located on 90 Croatia Street. Foodshare is basically a non-profit agency that advocates for making affordable and healthy food available to people, such as through the Field to Table Programs. 

Much of the work, like packing and delivering, is done by volunteers. We visited the warehouse and the kitchen.

"We visited the warehouse and the kitchen."

"The warehouse was not so big but really organized."
The warehouse was not so big but really organized. Several volunteers were packing the food into boxes to be sent out as Good Food Boxes. Everything seemed so clear and organized in a controlled way.

Toni told us about the many programs run by Foodshare.
Toni Panzuto, our tour guide for the day, introduced to us the way Foodshare works. She also told us that, as we all know, there are people who are living a hard life and are not be able to afford fresh organic vegetables. So, one of the things that Foodshare does is they get vegetables help people who want to donate food to others, by packing and distributing some of these donations, through the Good Food Box system. In this way, they are different from a food bank, but still help the needy get good nutritious, healthy food.

A picture of the Good Food Box volunteers. 
Anyway, Toni also mentioned that a non-profit organization can't live without charity funds. Some churches would raise money for Foodshare and we can donate money to Foodshare if we wish to as well. 

Towards the end of our visit, we sat down in the Good Food Cafe and chatted a little bit. Toni also explained to us what is good about gluten-free food. Thank you Toni!
It was such a great experience ! I've learnt a lot from the trip! Appreciate it!

Written By:Tiffany Garrick
Edited By: Lynda Young

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