Wednesday, May 8, 2013

... a long, fun time AGO

On Wednesday, May 8, the participants of Wintegration went on a trip to the AGO. You might question what AGO is, let me tell you. It's the Art Gallery of Ontario! It seems like a coincidence that the short form is AGO, but I actually can feel something from this name. Ago means before a period of time, and many of the precious masterpieces exhibited there were created years ago, isn't it so fun?
  We started our tour from the ground floor, we saw so many sculptures of ships and boats. I was really shocked because those ships were exquisite, even the details were quite accurate. I guess exquisite workmanship is the outstanding characteristic of these artistic handworks. Anyway, I liked them, very much!

We sort of walked around the whole gallery, and saw many different kinds of paintings , sculptures and even movies.

There's one movie on Ai Weiwei's drawing styles shown on the second floor, it did make me stop my steps and sit down. It was about the way he creates different kinds of objects, especially human beings. I'm not quite an artistic person, but I could feel the message that the movie wanted to bring across.
I've learnt and earned a lot of knowledge from that trip! I wish I could go back there again to just enjoy those elegant masterpieces. Thanks, KidsUpFront, for the tickets for us to go to the AGO!

Written by: Tiffany Garrick
Edited by: Lynda Young
Posted by: Jessica Wang

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