Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Story Lives

"The music was loud," ~Richard
Saturday, April 27th, after I messed around downtown for two hours and finally found a place to park my bike on the crowded Dundas West, I went to a small concert, called Live the Story  with other participants of Wintegration. We met in a small cafe and, as usual, Lynda provided free TTC tickets, and the tickets for the concert. And it was so nice of her to go to the subway station for our tickets!

Lynda, Ren, Harry and me, Richard (clockwise from front-right)

"It was fun and I liked that kind of music they played." ~Sebastian Pinecos
"Great band. Had fun tonight!" ~Desmond Wang
Actually, that was the first concert ever I’ve attended in Canada. When we got there, we found the music so loud that me and my friends even go to the washroom to avoid damage to our ears! Halfway through the concert, it was getting to be pretty late, so Lynda and the other guys left.

"The last three songs were pretty cool!" ~Richard
I decided to stay for the rest of the concert. It was a pity that those guys didn’t stay for the rest of the show, because the last three songs performed by the band were actually pretty cool! Especially the one called “I Want You to Rock and Roll”. The following singer, Andrew Bisante, was another great surprise, as he sang and played his own songs which sounded pretty impressive! After Andrew was done, another band went on stage. I had to leave at that point, because I had to ride my bike home. My way home was dark, but I was feeling good. It was worth it!

"It was fun. I find it really interesting." ~Tenzin Dhuedul
In general, the concert experience was pretty good, except for my messing up downtown. But the music was pretty good, especially in the second half. What’s even better was that we got to attend the concert for free, thanks to Kids Up Front for their partnership with CultureLink’s Newcomer Youth Centre. And thanks Lynda, for the opportunity, and it’s always good to get social, isn’t it?

There is also an important lesson for us to learn: never leave a concert (and your dream) halfway through, because you never know when things are going to be turning good!

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