Friday, February 15, 2013

Ski Trip to Earl Bales Park

Friday, Feb 15 was PA day. There was no school, so Wintegration Program and CultureLink's Newcomer Youth Centre's participants,  together with youths from  CUIAS Immigrant Services and North York Community House, went skiing at Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre!

      We started out with a healthy lunch at a local delicatessen.                       

The food was yummy! Then we went to the grocery store to buy healthy snacks before heading to Earl Bales Park. 

Snowboarding was fun! We went straight for the big hill right after a 20 minutes lesson. The instructors were very motivated. They kept pushing your limits. I got to try out many different techniques but I could not quite grasp the backward size slip.

What surprised me was that I fell less than I expected! First time down the big hill, there were a couple of falls, but after that, everything went smooth.

The chair lift was an amazing experience; being 20 feet off the ground felt great —except for the part when I had a 15 pound snowboard hanging on my right foot and my toe fracture didn’t help either. 

We finish around 4 o'clock. That's when we got to enjoy the healthy snacks that we bought earlier. We went home after that. 

It was unfortunate that some others who have signed up couldn't join us in the end, but I think it was a great experience for me!

Written by: John Nguyen
Edited by: Young

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