Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eskista - Ethiopian Traditional Dance Workshop

Today, we went to CultureLink again for Wintegration, the Newcomer Youth Centre (NYC)'s after-school program. When we arrived, Lynda told us we would be learning how to dance. Well the dance is from Ethiopia. Alright, sorry, but I have never heard of this country before then! Lol.
Learning about Ethiopia and the traditional dance, Eskista

Eskender Admassu is the name of the guy who was the volunteer teaching us the dance today. The dance style is called Eskista, which is a tradition Ethiopian dance.
So the main part in this dance is shaking your shoulders. This means you should hold your whole body still, and only shake your shoulders.

Anyway, I’m not a good dancer. After 2 hours of trying, (forgive me, but our dancing was really bad, lol) we watched Eskender dance for us. Alright, his dance moves looked really professional, not like us.
"You should hold your whole body still, and only shake your shoulders" ~JieMin Li

After he showed us his moves, and also a performance video on YouTube, today's Wintegration Program came to an end.
Wintegration participants after our dance workout
Not only did we have a nice workout, we also learn more about Ethiopia. It was lots of fun and interesting. Thanks Eskender!
P.S.: my shoulders were really painful and sore on second day! lol

Written by: JieMin Li
Edited by: Lynda Young

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