Monday, February 4, 2013

Introduction and Ice-breakers

On Monday, Feb 4, we met Lynda at CultureLink for the first time. Lynda had just become the new Youth Program Worker for Wintegration, because the previous staff moved away from CultureLink. In order to know each other, we had a session on introductions and ice-breakers that day, and we played a couple of games.
For the first game, every one took turns to use the first letter of our names to find an appropriate word to describe ourselves. Lynda demonstrated choosing the word LOVELY, and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Lovely Lynda!” Then, we took turns to introduce ourselves. Jiajia chose JOYFUL, Emma chose EMOTIONAL, and we took turns introducing ourselves when the words that we chose. The word that I chose was JOCULAR. Nobody usually uses this word. As I could not think of any other word that starts with the letter J, I decided to use this word.
For the next game, everyone got to write their hobbies down on the piece of paper. Next, we played charades using the pieces of paper as the words that we needed to guess. We were divided into two teams. One person from each team would take turns to chose a random piece of paper and act out the event written on that paper. The team mates will then need to guess what they were trying to act out. The team who guessed right first would get the points.
The first person who came up was JieMin. He acted so well that we could tell right away that the clue on the paper was shopping! Desmond acted as a person who was watching movie and eating popcorn, and that was pretty well done as well! I acted as a person who was playing badminton. Fortunately, Emma guessed that immediately! As it turned out, she told me afterwards, she wrote badminton on her piece of paper. We got lucky!  
Towards the end of the session, everyone got to know each other more. It was nice to meet Lynda!
Written by: Jessica Wang
Edited by: Lynda Young

Posted by: Jessica Wang

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