Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cycling Safety Workshop for Cold Weather

Last Thursday, Feb 7, I went for CultureLink's Wintegration Afterschool Program.

We had Ms. Kristin Schwartz talk to us about cycling and safety, and about how to dress warm enough for cycling in the cold weather in Canada.

What I found really interesting about cycling in
 Ontario, Canada, is that if you don't have a helmet, you will get a fine if you are under 18. I also learnt that cycling is the second cheapest transportation in Toronto.

In Toronto, there are lots of people who cycle to get around. There is a group called Cycle Toronto that advocates for cyclists in Toronto. Their partnership with CultureLink encourages newcomers like myself to join others who cycle in this city.

Healthy Recipe
Oh, and we also made some snacks using the healthy recipe we were given that day. The recipe was for making Cheesy Apple Bites. It was really delicious. I really liked it.
I look forward to going cycling on Toronto Islands with Wintegration friends in spring. I think it will be fun!

Written by: Jiajia Lin
Edited by: Young

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