Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas Campfire

This was a function we had last Christmas, in 2012.

The program coordinator, Juan, let us meet at Dufferin Grove Park’s skating rink. That is the first time, almost all the members come together, and some members also brought their friends along .

First, we made that campfire. It was a cold day, and it was really hard to start up the fire. We spent a lot of time to make that fire. But in that process, we made jokes, we talked, that was awesome!

Then when we finally got that campfire going, we started to BBQ! However, the first food we roasted, it’s… I don’t know, that’s my first time roasting marshmallows…for real. After the BBQ, Juan brought us some soup. That was really awesome! On that cold day, drinking a cup of hot soup, and talking altogether --- that feeling was good!
After we were finished eating, Juan started to let us play games. He also brought some presents. And he let us draw lots for our presents (and after the draw, I remember there was more part for us to change the present, but I forgot the details…T_T). All of us got our presents, all except me! That’s because I was “robbed” of my present, which is another part of a game that let the others rob my present! (But I have forgotten the details of how that happened!)

Finally, Juan gave me 3 dollars (each present cost around 2-4 dollars) and let me buy a present for myself. Hah…^^

Anyway, that was a great Christmas for me. It’s my first time celebrating Christmas, with a lot of people together --- that was great!

Everybody, come to join CultureLink, we have lots of functions where you can have fun!

Written by: Peter Pan
Edited by: Lynda Young

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