Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Youth in Action: Teambuilding Workshops!

Last week, Youth in Action teamed up with CultureLink's SWIS program in order to deliver fun teambuilding workshops to the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Classes at St.Mary's School. Each workshops consisted of a few teambuilding activities, followed by a debrief where the youth reflected on the activities and how they can be a better team member at school and in all other areas of life. 

Below: One of our first groups meet and we break the ice!

Below: One of the activities was to build the tallest tower out of limited materials. We had some very creative structures as a result!

Below: Another activity was to fill a large cup of water by passingthe water from smaller cups down the line of teammates. But there's a catch, the cups have holes in them! The youth managed to problem solve and work together to win the race.

Thank you SWIS worker, Ronald Rojas and to St Mary's School for partnering with Youth in Action to make this amazing week possible!

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