Friday, May 4, 2018

Youth in Action: Bike Leadership Camp

Youth in Action teamed up with BiketoSchoolTO to offer a full day leadership event at Evergreen BrickWorks for students from multiple TDSB/TDCSB bike clubs. The students learned about cycling advocacy and leadership skills (such as how to promote their bike clubs at school and the act of cycling around the city). They took part in many workshops (riding skills, bike maintenance, communications, etc.) and put the skills to good use in the final presentations, where the students presented their future plans for their bike clubs. 

Above: Here we are getting started with registrations! It was a big group of young cyclists!
Below: The students taking part in the communications workshop (learning how to promote their bike clubs with announcements, posters, booths and presentations).

Above: The BiketoSchoolTO leader Chantelle going over the agenda.
Below: Key note speakers came on to talk about their experiences cycling in Toronto.

 Above: The audience left notes on each schools poster to let them know any recommendations or appreciation for their presentation about their future plans.
Below: Some of the students making their final presentations to the group. 

Thank you everyone for coming out and putting your best effort into this leadership training. Toronto is lucky to have young leaders like you to promote sustainable transportation!

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