Friday, May 4, 2018

Youth in Action: April Activities with the Mimico Multicultural Club

The Mimico Multicultural Club has spent the month of April training for the MudGirl Marathon that they will be participating in in June. In order to keep the girls moving, we have been doing a lot of active games and fun, physical activities. 

We spent one program day inventing obstacle courses. The group had to be creative and create their course, then we all completed it!

Below: our volunteer, Robyn, leading the group through some conditioning that turned into an intense game of tag!

Another day we finally started get nice weather, so, of course, the group went outside! We did some light warm ups and ran some laps around the playground. Then we played an awesome game of capture the flag. Everybody wins when your having so much fun!

April has finally given us nice enough weather to move the program outdoors. On this program day, we did a nature scavenger hunt at the Lakeshore Trail. The group had to be creative and find shapes (curves, teardrops, S-curves, squares, etc.) in the natural landscape. 

Of course we had to stop for some photo-ops. 

After our long nature walk, the girls relaxed at the playground swings. 

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