Monday, March 26, 2018

Youth in Action: International Women's Day Party!

The Youth in Action: Mimico Girl's Group celebrated International Womens' Day with a free, community celebration where the girls put on performances for the local community and all the guests took part in two motivational workshops put on by two very inspirational women (a big thank you to Faduma and Paola for their performances). 

At the start of the event, girls from the Youth in Action program went up in front of the audience to give a presentation of their choice, some did dances and there were even some well-written speeches by the young, talented ladies!

After the girl's performances, it was time for the professionals to take the stage! Paola presented a beautiful workshop on identity and empowerment and Faduma performed her inspirational spoken word poetry. 


 Such a great event, thanks to all who came out!

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