Monday, March 26, 2018


March Break was a week of fun, new experiences and adventure for a group of 20 girls from multiple CultureLink Youth Programs. The program was geared towards female empowerment, strength of identity and fun fitness activities. We spent two days at the library where the girls took part in interactive workshops (from hiphop and latina dance styles, to international music, to identity). There were also 3 days where the girls went on field trips (SkyZone, R.O.M. and A.G.O.).

The first pictures show the girls having lots of fun on the Identity: Know Yourself Workshop (thank you Asal and Sharon for these enlightening activities).

Next, they all learned a choreographed hiphop dance! Strike a pose!

Such talented ladies, thanks for the lesson Katelyn from #DeucenDip Dance Crew!

The next day, we hit the R.O.M. to explore!

The next day, we had Jim Arnold and his daughter out to give a very informative and lively workshop on musical instruments from around the world. He showed us some musical practices from different cultures and let the girls experiment with many types of instruments and create their own rhythms. 

On the final day of the camp, we went to the A.G.O. where the girls took part in several art workshops and explored the galleries. 

 What a fantastic week! 

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