Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mabelle Holiday Party & ROM Trip!

Holiday Party = Jenga Time!
Concentration is REAL !

Holiday Movie- Matilda!
Connect Four!
Funtastic Indeed!
Our current favourite recreational game- Red Light , Green Light!
Girls trying a new approach by crawling, lol

Guess it worked!

On Saturday, December the 16th we went to the Royal Ontario Museum!

Excited to take the subway, can you tell!
Patiently waiting..

Resourceful, looking for our next subway stop Museum!
We're here!
Dinosaur Exhibit is cool!
Hands on , Palentologists in the making!
Carefully exctracting artifacts!

Dress-up from the past- Ancient Egyptian & a knight!
Um my armour is a tad bit too heavy!
This is kinda heavy!
Oo look I'm in a bubble..
Guess we're stuck now..
Earth Rangers answering all our questions!
Oo Skeletons!
Can I touch!
Learning about birds and amphibians!
Ew is this frog eggs..

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