Friday, December 22, 2017

Culturelink Youth Holiday Party!

Holiday Table Decor!
Holiday Goodies for our youth!
Amina aka Best Manger EVER!
Isn't Asal, the cutest working reindeer ?
Posted up, on the photo-wall!
Zarina & Nour smiles light up the whole room!
Portable PS4 , how about yes!
Holiday Party= JUMBO Jenga!
Youth team is super competitive as you can see!
At this moment is when .. Zarina lost!
Alasis is the happiest in the bunch!
Honestly the Juan was the coolest DJ, Hands DOWN!
Like look at the intensity, and music amaaazing!
Time to Munch, Youth Serving Youth!
Yay, food!
After food, we burn calories!
DJ selections are bomb!
Happiest Soul Present!
Can you feel the
After this it was all a blur..

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