Friday, November 3, 2017

Youth in Arts Create Name Art

 "Youth in Arts" had the opportunity to integrate each of their names with different aspects that represent what they are interested in, like hobbies, subjects in school, foods, etc. Youth then had to share their masterpieces to a friend, demonstrate what each letter represents and explain why they chose it. 

Great job, everyone!

Sawsan working hard to show her interest in money!
This piece represents the interest in stocks, the environment, raising awareness for cancer research and Christmas!
Abdi explains how he has an interest in working hard when he finishes school to provide for his family, lightning bolts for his favorite basket-ball team, the color black (his favorite color evidently shown), and different abstract patterns. Amazing job!
Walid and Hassan working very hard on their projects and applying their favorite colors to their masterpieces! Incredible job, all of you!

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