Friday, November 3, 2017

Health and Nutrition Workshop Series!

The Youth in Action and Sankofa Programs took part in a Health and Nutrition Workshop Series during the month of October. The purpose of this workshop was to teach the youth strategies for developing a healthy lifestyle and the barriers that society faces in trying to attain healthy foods and life choices. 

The first session covered The Challenges Eating Healthy in Today’s Society. The group learned about the societal and individual barriers to eating healthy and living a healthy life. They watched the Hungry 4 Change Documentary. The youth gave presentations and our facilitator, Robyn made the learning fun. The take away? Moderation is the key! 

In the second session, we covered The Body and its Interconnected Systems, as well as Macronutrients and the Importance of Vitamins, Antioxidants, Water and Minerals.

In the third session, we covered The Danger of Slimming Diets and Food Addiction. The youth are now aware of the health risks of fad diets and how they are ineffective in the long-run. They learned about unhealthy food addictions that are very common in today’s society and what they do to our bodies. We also learned about how to incorporate clean-eating, physical activity and mindfulness into your life and how small lifestyle changes can significantly improve your physical, mental and emotion health. 

In the final session, we went to The Four Villages Community Health Centre and our amazing volunteer Justin (a Chef-Du-Cuisine at Baro Toronto) taught the group how to make 3 healthy (and delicious) recipes.

Time to eat! 

Thanks to all our participants for coming out and especially to our volunteers, Robyn, Justin and Maria for their help in making this learning experience fun for everyone. A big thanks to Four Villages for hosting our cooking event.

See you at our next workshop!

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