Friday, September 22, 2017

Youth in Action and Sankofa Youth: Historic Scavenger Hunt!

Yesterday, Youth in Action and Sankofa Youth teamed up to take on an intense scavenger hunt of downtown Toronto. These scavenger hunts are done by Urban Capers, where you race around urban areas, collecting clues, taking silly photos and learning about the history of the area!

 Here, the hosts explain the rules. Everyone getting VERY excited to start the race!

Sometimes, the challenge was to complete a task (like Sawsan writing an old Victorian letter, above), and on other challenges, we had to take a silly picture in front of a historic building and answer a question about the place (Sawsan posing while the rest of the team deciphers an old grave stone, below).

 Here we are trying to figure out where our next clue is. It was challenging for the brain and the body (as you can see below!).

 Above: we had to take a picture in the gallows, where people were punished a long time ago, by the townspeople throwing vegetables at the prisoners!
Below: A group photo at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Below: the teams came together to rest after an exhausting race around the St. Lawrence Market and surrounding area. 

Below: Waiting for the results and the answers to the questions and challenges!

Above: The winning Team (team Falafeladies!)... We did it!!!

Thanks for coming out everyone, and a HUGE thank you to #UrbanCapers for hosting such an amazing event!
See you at our next adventure!

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