Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Youth Theatre Group - Personal Presentations

It's been another busy week for the Youth Theatre Group.  With your performance only two and a half weeks away, we have been working hard putting our scenes together.

This past week,we started working on our personal presentations about things that we are passionate about and/or care about. We took past ideas and scenes and started rebuilding them into new scenes inspired by our personal presentations.

It has been a lot of fun learning and sharing our passions with each other!

Begonia, one of our Youth Theatre Performers, shared her passion for history by taking us for a walk around CultureLink talking about historical landmarks in the neighbourhood. 

Did you know that this bridge (below) is over a 100 years old?!

We also spent a lot of time practicing our new scenes.  Here we are working on one of our newest airport scenes: 

We are always up to something new and can't wait to share what we have created.  Stayed tuned for more updates about our progress and upcoming performance!

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