Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CultureLink Youth at Rouge Park with Parkbus

Yesterday, the Sankofa program and SWIS teamed up to take a group of youth to Rouge Park in partnership with Parkbus. 
Parkbus is a free shuttle service that helps thousands of Canadians reach the great outdoors. 
We took part in the "Butterfly Day" at the park where we learned about the park's butterflies and their important role in pollination.

 Naoki, Sakura and Felix braving the temporary weather disruptions

 Yuhong (SWIS) Felix and Naoki learning about the different types of butterflies at the park

 All smiles!!

 Yuhong (SWIS), Felix, Sakura, Carlos, Zarina (Youth Worker), Naoki, Keith & David

 Had to get a closer look at the well

Thank you Parkbus for this incredible opportunity

Photo cred: Derek Jardinho (Youth Participant)

For more information on the Sankofa Programs contact Youth Worker Zarina 
at email: zbutt@culturelink.ca or call: 416-588-6288 x 240

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