Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Youth in Action: Leadership and Team Building Workshops!

This month, Youth in Action partnered up with the Summer settlement Program and the Toronto Catholic District School Board for some amazing workshops. The classes joined us to practice leadership skills through theatre activities and worked together to do team building exercises that helped our groups to hone their skills at problem solving as a group. 

Here are some pictures of the groups as they prepared and presented their skit of leadership styles (diplomatic, autocratic and laissez-faire). We discussed the different types of leaders and the teams acted out each style to the rest of the group. 

 Our amazing volunteers, Lander, Claude and Andrei were great at motivating the teams and helping them through the difficulties of the activities.
 Mr. Rojas checking-in with the students after the activity to discuss what they learned.
Then, we moved on to our Teambuilding workshop. Here, we broke the group into teams again and they were given challenges to complete together to see who could cooperate well enough to beat the tests!

The first activity was to see which team could build the tallest structure. They were given straws, tape and very little instruction and had to brainstorm to find the solution!


Here are some of the winning teams and their straw structures. Amazing work!

Another activity was when we broke off into two teams and raced to fill a bucket at the end of the line. The teams practiced patience and worked together to send the water down the line to the finishing bucket. 

And one last shot of our check-in after the activities to see what we learned!

 Such a great day and so much was learned by participants and facilitators! Thanks to everyone for coming out and see you at the next Youth in Action event!

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