Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scavenger Hunt at Dufferin Grove Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are scattered all over Toronto all seven days of the week during the summer months, and some even run all year round. Farmers markets are a great way to buy our groceries because they tend to sell local, seasonal produce. That means food that has been produced not too far away from Toronto, and also harvested not long ago.

Daryl, Levitt and Eric goofing around. 
Dufferin Grove's Farmers Market stands out because not only does it run year round, it also sells mostly organic produce. In addition, genetically modified foods (GMO) are not allowed here, which means whatever you get here at this market is natural and healthy for you. 

Jose and Shania learning about mushrooms from a vendor at the market. 
On Sep 22, we went to visit the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market and played a game of Scavenger Hunt, where we were challenged to speak with the vendors about the passion around healthy, good food. Through the activity, we got to learn more about what it means for a produce to be labelled organic, gluten-free, and also why sustainable farming is important for our environment. 

David, Brandon and Jay getting some selfie shots with the organic honey vendor. 

After completing the challenge, we also got the chance to sample some of the lovely offerings at the farmers market. We got to try sheep milk ice-cream, fresh poutine, hand-baked cookies etc. What a treat!

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