Monday, September 19, 2016

Cook and Share with Global Roots

It's pizzas galore, on this beautiful mid-September Monday afternoon! The seniors from the Italian Garden of CultureLink's Global Roots program made pizzas and for everyone.

We got busy in the kitchen. Everyone was chopping peppers, rolling out the dough, oiling the pans, putting on the topping, frying the Italian pancakes and so on. It was a very exciting experience!

And then the food started to smell delicious! The kitchen was warm, but we enjoyed staying for the mouthwatering aroma of the delightful pizzas coming out of the oven and the delectable Italian-style cheese pancakes coming out of the sizzling pans.

All we could do was hope for a piece of pancake or a side of the pizzas to break off, and claim the morsel, while loudly exclaiming that it's for the common good.

We had many lovely little chats while we were preparing the food. We got to know each other better, through food, and exchanging pieces of information about our daily lives, and our lives from back home.

Everyone had a good time! We were very thankful to the seniors for cooking and sharing with us. This will be a treasured memory for a long time to come.

Global Roots is an intergenerational program offered by CultureLink in partnership with The Stop. It gives youth and senior newcomers the opportunity to garden and share good food through the exchange of knowledge and culture. This program runs until the end of October. Click here to find out more.

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