Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hip Hop Dance!

"... a huge Thank You to Kids Up Front for the tickets!" ~Flyura (front left)

On Saturday, March 1st, Kids Up Front gave us, who are in CultureLink’s Wintegration Youth Program, a great opportunity to watch Dr. Rennie Harris's hip hop show called "Rennie Harris Puremovement". All over again, from all of us, a huge Thank You to Kids Up Front for the tickets! We really appreciate this!

"I really enjoyed it, and thanks for the tickets for us to watch!" ~Nic Shaw (2nd from left)

Dance and music is part of our life because if you can't say something in words, you can show that through the emotions of dance and music.

Dancers and musicians are two kinds of artists who always have been one of the most interesting and mysterious people to me, because from simple things they can make something unique and incredible!
"I really liked the last part, cool!!! Thanks for the tickets!" ~ Ryan Wang (left)

I had a great time watching this show, it's actually changed something inside me and also gave me inspiration! I love dance, and I had just started dancing with a hip hop crew. It is a really nice way to show yourself that there are a lot of things that you don't know about your body, and also it's a good way to express your emotions.

Written by: Flyura
Edited by: Young

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