Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peer Leadership Training Games

Last Thursday, 27 February 2014, we had an activity about Peer Leadership Planning at CultureLink.
With this activity, I learnt about what are the qualities and responsibilities a leader need to have.

Planning activities.

"I've learnt that as a peer leader, I have to speak louder so everyone can understand me. I've learnt to explain instructions clearly so my team mates could understand and not make them confused. I've learnt that as peer leaders, we should introduce fun activities so everyone won't be bored. Most of all, I've learnt that good leaders should be responsible, patient, respectful and polite!" ~Shefally Baldemor
Discussing how to be good peer leaders

Enthusiasm, taking the initiative, being calm and speaking clearly are important requisites of being a leader. Also, activities should not be too long, and they should be interesting and not-quiet. It is important to try keep the participants interested in the activities chosen.

Trying out the games
It was very interesting and I enjoyed getting to know everyone better, and find out what we all have in common.

"We always have fun" ~Liliana

I would recommend Wintegration to my friends because I think that we are teaching and learning always. And we have always fun during these activities.

Written by: Liliana Matos
Edited by: Young

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