Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cookie Baking

Flyura led the cookie baking session on September 12 2013. She looked up the recipe for a healthy cookie, and listed down the ingredients we needed, included flour, brown sugar, oatmeal, butter, and almond before the session. After we got ready our baking equipment as well as some water. We got started.
   We firstly mushed the hard butter into crumbles, and mixed it with brown sugar in the first mixing bowl. The second mixing bowl was for mixing oatmeal and flour. After adding some water, we mixed all the ingredients together, evenly. We used the foil paper to cover a rubber mat which was for toasting to make a hard bottom. Then, it was about time to pour out the cookie dough on the foil paper. Unfortunately, we only had a small toaster oven. So, there wasn’t enough room to get each cookie shaped separately. As it turned out, The result was one big cookie!

   We played couple of games while we were waiting. For the first one, everyone got a note paper to write 4 things about ourselves. And Flyura collected all the papers. Then, she shuffled them, and handed them out randomly. We had to read the listed items one by one and guess who wrote the items on the paper that we were each given. David guessed mine right immediately. The one I got was from Tiffany, but I didn’t even consider the handwriting would be hers at all!
   The other game was about about food and nutrition. Everyone had to pick their favorite dish to cook, and I chose Lasagna. We had to write down three main ingredients from the dish that we each picked. Then, we got to split up into pairs. Our task was to create a new dish with the ingredients that you and your partner had. My partner and I came up with the idea of a hamburger with bread substituted by fried eggs, tomato sauce, cheese and beef. Others made pizza, chicken with rice and etc. Then, we got to vote for the group we liked. The winners were Tiffany and David!


   When the cookies were finally ready, Flyura split up the big cookie and distributed them to us one by one. It tasted awesome!!! Thank you Flyura! She has done a really good job as a peer leader!

   These two games were really fun! It helped us know more about one another and we learned to use creative ways to try out new dishes. The most exciting thing was we learned how to make these healthy and tasty  almond cookies! Got a new recipe!

Written by: Jessica Wang
                                                                                Edited by: Lynda Young
                                                                                Posted by: Jessica Wang

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