Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wintegration Reflection

What I think of CultureLink's Wintegration Program, is that it has provided a very nice environment for us to learn all the things from the different speakers who come to speak to us. Through the various activities, we learnt important lessons on healthy living, fitness and nutrition. The program provided lots of opportunities for us to try out different sports, watch games or visit some other programs, and make new friends. We also got to enjoy lots of different healthy and yummy snacks.

My friends recommended this program to me when I first came to Canada, and started going to Western Technical Commercial School. After hearing about the program's nice environment, and that it provides opportunities for me to earn volunteer hours, which I needed, I registered.

I was not disappointed. I got to learn a lot from being a part of this program. One of the most memorable sessions we did was talk about apples. We learnt the history, customs and even some geographical facts about apples. We discussed fun facts and nutritional facts about apples, and I learnt that apples are a great source of fibre and vitamin C, especially when the skin is left on. Everyone also ate an apple each that day, to participate in Foodshare's Great Big Crunch 2013. The Ontario grown apples were fresh and very yummy!

We also got to learn about the importance staying active and fit, and had the opportunity to try out different sports. I found the most fun activity that we did that involved exercising was learning boxing from MJKO, thanks to funding from ParticipAction. That was my first time trying out boxing. Even though there were just a few basic steps, it was a really good chance to experience this form of exercise. We learnt to put on a roll of bandage for each hand to protect our fists. And then, we put on the big, fat boxing gloves which made my hands feel very hot and sweaty. The coach and her two students were dedicated in teaching us each step. They corrected our errors all the time in order to help us learn better. I noticed that I became so tired after only a short while. What I learnt was that boxers really need to be very determined and dedicated in their everyday training because boxing requires a lot of strength and energy.

Another meaningful activity we did was going for Cycling Social with the youth of Central Commerce Collegiate's Cycling Club, thanks to funding from Playing for Keeps. We not only had fun at the picnic at Christie Pits Park, we also made some new friends and got to learn about the advantages about cycling. I was amazed to learn how much the youths from the Cycling Club love riding bikes! Before then, I already knew that riding bikes is a type of sport, which can help us stay healthy. However, through our interactions that day, I also learn that riding bikes can help us save money! It is way more affordable than driving those cars which use expensive gasoline. Riding bikes can also help reduce pollution since cars gives out so much emission. I found the session very meaningful because I also learnt that riding bikes is about making friends, joining groups, becoming a part of the group, and meeting more people. I learned all the benefits of riding bikes from that activity.

I would like to recommend the program to others, because everyone will learn a lot from all the different activities that we get to try out, through the Wintegration Program. What's more is that it really helps us to practise speaking English, while making new friends. Now that Wintegration 2012-2013 is over, I look forward to Wintegration 2013-2014, for more creative and fun activities!

Written by: Jessica Wang
Edited by: Lynda Young
Posted by: Jessica Wang

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