Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CCC Social at Christie Pits Park

On May 15, we went to Christie Pits Park and met with the members of Central Commerce Collegiate's Cycling Club for a picnic social, funded by Playing for Keeps. It was a very interesting day for me, because we got to make new friends, and spent time together.
"We got to make new friends and spend time together" ~Flyura

This session with CultureLink's Wintegration was outdoors! It was an interesting and informative time because we talked about staying healthy, healthy food, and also about different activities. 
Now, thanks to CultureLink, we got to know some new information about everything around us.I liked spending time with CultureLink, because the people who are in the CultureLink's Youth Services team very helpful and friendly. 

Written by: Flyura Zakirov

Editted by: Young

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