Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CCC Cycling Picnic Social

We went to Christie Pits Park for Cycling Social Picnic, funded by Playing for Keeps, on May,15. The park was extremely large. We chose an area beside a tree. That day was very windy, so it was pretty hard for us to put the plastic mat on the grass for sitting. We had to place our backpacks on the top of the mat to prevent it from flying away, which worked!

After that, we helped Lynda lay out the healthy food and snacks. There were some nuts, fresh hummus, wholewheat pita bread, juice and apples. They were pretty yummy and healthy. There was a Russian girl who had just arrived in Canada and I have never  met her before then, and she goes to different school.
Everyone was getting to know each other

After we chatted with one another for a few minutes, another group of youths came to join us. They were members of Central Commerce Collegiate’s Cycling Club! They all came to the park riding their own bicycles! “WELCOME!” We said, as they arrived.

All their bikes
They came to us and sat down beside me and the others. They were cool and looked professional with their cycling accessories such as helmets, which they wear for safety.

While we enjoyed the snacks, we also played a game with the whole group. We had to take a few minutes to get to know at least two persons that we haven’t known before. We needed to ask about their hobbies, ask about thing about themselves, such as what they have done before,just to get to know them better. Then, we got to introduce our new friend, saying three things about them. It was a successful game, as I got to meet some real nice people who were friendly  and funny! Every one had a wonderful conversation. I was glad that we got the opportunity to make more friends from other school,and even other countries. Everyone did well!

The most exciting thing that we did there was that we got to ride their bikes. I rode bicycles before, but it was long time ago. I have almost forgotten how to keep my balance! Actually,  I found that it wasn’t really that hard! I think that we just needed to get used to it. Then, we would know how to ride it! And I tried one for a minute, which made me feel cool! Everyone had fun!

Attempting to ride
The cycling club members also showed us how to give hand signals when cycling on the roads. Before then, I didn’t know that we have to raise our arm if we wanted to turn to other directions as we are riding bikes. That is a necessary safety practice that we have to know about riding bikes!

Thanks those cycling lovers for coming to teach us and let us ride their bikes! We all had lots of fun. I like riding bikes!

Written By: Jessica Wang
Edited By: Lynda Young
Posted By: Jessica Wang

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