Monday, April 8, 2013

Scadding Court Community Centre

We went to Scadding Court Community Centre on April 8. After everyone all arrived, the Settlement Worker there, Ms Grace Lam and her colleague welcomed us and led us on a tour to visit all the different facilities at the Community Centre. Generally, I knew that this place was to support and foster the well being of individuals, families, and community groups by providing and encouraging both local and international opportunities for recreation, education, athletics, community participation and inclusive social interaction. Their programming streams include Social Recreation and Wellness, Support for Children, Youth and Families, Child and Youth Programs, Food Security and Urban Agriculture,Community and Social Development, Anti-Racism and Community-Building, Programming and Support for People Living with Disabilities and Seniors, Newcomer Services.That was why they had different variety of grograms and clubs which were interesting.

We walked in and took a look of each single room, include computer room, swimming pool, kitchen, gym place, and so on. They were being provided and we could register to their program and play or study there. She also handed out a list of schedule of when the swimming pool will open and we might be participating. Such a good opportunity!

Playing Basketball
And we got the chance to play in the gym. There was a stair for us going down to the gym. The gym was not very big, but it was okay. There was a net as divider for playing badminton or volleyball at the left side. There was a big stage at one side of the wall. Each side had a basketball hoops as well. Firstly, we planed to play badminton,so the leader found the rackets and shuttlecock from equipment room. We enjoyed playing that. But we had to take turn to play it because there were too many students. We wanted to play as long time as possible. But we couldn’t. So we just went to sit on the stage and took a break. Others were playing basketball, volleyball and badminton as well. 

Playing Badminton
 I think that was a very good place to exercise or study or make friends or gain more skills or whatever. They considered about peoples’ convenience, health and happiness. Scadding Court Community Centre was a pretty nice place.

Written by: Jessica Wang
Edited by: Lynda Young
Posted by: Jessica Wang 


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