Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boxing with MJKO

On Wednesday 10th, Leadership Training Through Boxing was held in the board room. The instructor, Miranda from MJKO and her assistant, Onja were teaching us the basics of boxing. It was overall a fun experience. I walked away learning how to throw punches the right way.

"Boxing was a completely a new experience for me" ~Tenzin Choedhen
I got to know about this session through Carolina, from Girls taking Green Roots, and learned about the Wintegration through further reading the culture link blog.
Boxing was a completely a new experience for me, and probably for most of the girls that came. When I put the boxing gloves on, it felt so heavy and surreal. I remember one of my friends (TD) making a reference to a boxing manga ‘”Hajime no Ippo.”

I’m actually wearing boxing gloves?’
‘So this is how it feels like!’
‘Huh? My palms are getting sweaty?!’
…Those kinds of thoughts were going through my mind, even when I was throwing a ONE! or a ONE-TWO!
Miranda was the one who kept the intensity and our minds fired up. If we didn’t raise our gloves to protect ourselves, she said she would give us 10 push-ups each (which I luckily didn’t get to do).

 I remember Onja being the one who was always smiling while she took the punches. She encouraged everyone with her cheerful attitude.
"We did lots of interactive activities."
We did lots of interactive activities. One of them as to get into partners and punch their glove 100 times, alternating. It was very tiring but fun nonetheless. Another activity we did was to get into 2 teams. The first person had to punch 21 times; the next person had 20 punches, the person after that had 19 punches…until the last person who had to do 21 punches again. Whichever team sat down and yelled out the team name first won. This was really fun.
"I walked away learning how to throw punches the right way."
At the end of the session, everyone was tired. We took a group picture, and said our goodbyes’. I would love to join this session again with my friends. Hopefully next time I can drag my lazy sister along and get her to throw some punches. (haha)

Thank you ParticipAction for the opportunity!
"I would love to join this session again with my friends."

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