Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Youth in Action: MUDGIRL MARATHON!

The Mimico Multicultural Club went to Dagmar Ski Resort for the MudGirl marathon this weekend. This 5km run included 17 accessible obstacles and all the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research. The group has been training to equip the girls with an understanding of how to safely prep for any physical event and to keep up these healthy practices all year long. The event itself was empowering for the young women, as it showed them their own power in finishing this difficult marathon and established respect and cooperation within the group and for other runners.

Before the race, we were all looking quite clean... but not for long! 

A HUGE thank you to our amazing volunteer Maria (who was one of the first Youth in Action participants and is now a leader and mentor for younger participants) who came up with the idea for this empowerment field trip, created the training plan and motivated the girls throughout the race to complete all obstacles (even those that looked a little difficult) and to pull together as a team to finish!

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