Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mimico Multicultural Club: May Activities

 May with the Mimico Multicultural Club has been amazing as we are able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! The group is still training hard for the MudGirl Marathon in June, but they are having lots of fun and staying active in the process!

On one program day, the group made comic strips out of polaroid photos. They came up with a story line as a group and then starred in their own pictoral journey! Below you can see the girls setting up their scenes...

At the end of the day, the group presented their stories to the rest.

On another day, we used the polaroid cameras to take posed 'high-fashion' photos as we did a nature walk.

When days are rainy at Mimico, we make our own fun indoors! On this day, the group choreographed dances to tell personal stories to the rest of the group. Such talented girls!

On another program day, the group headed down to a local festival to enjoy free food (like cotton candy and hand made cookies), activities (pottery painting and face paints) as well as some beautiful performances. In fact, some of the group were actually performing in the festival and we were able to cheer on our team as they sang!

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