Friday, January 19, 2018

Youth in Arts and Sankofa get to Play Team Games!

Youth in Arts and Sankofa Youth Drop-In participated in team games and activities. Youth were divided into teams of four and were challenged to complete different tasks and games (like Jenga, Checkers, etc.) and score the highest points using team work. Great job, everyone!

Team "Cardi" were extremely anxious communicating with their team member to pull out the right wooden piece before the whole structure collapsed!
One of our youth extremely calm as he perfected his turn!
Yohana, Hassan and Abdi working together to come up with different words  for their trivia round!
Bralin, Carlos, Walid and Diana working together to come up with words for our Categories Word Game. Amazing thinking and team skills, everyone!

 Are you interested in joining "Youth in Arts" or "Sankofa Youth Drop-In"? If so, please contact Nour Abu-Shaaban by email at or Zarina Butt at

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