Friday, December 15, 2017

Youth in Action @ Kipling Collegiate

Youth in Action has teamed up with the Bike to School Project to deliver 'learn-to-ride' program at Kipling Collegiate High School. The first three sessions have been a great success and more and more students are getting involved (and getting excited about biking) as word spreads about this cool opportunity. The idea is to teach skills for the youth to ride safely in the city as well as promote the cycling culture of healthy, sustainable transport options to young people.

In the first session, we were in the classroom, learning about road safety and the basics of biking in the city and elsewhere.

In the second session, the students got to get on the bikes! We had them fitted to their perfect bicycle and made sure the helmets were on properly. Then we started practicing our skills of balancing on the bikes and riding in straight lines. 

Below: Chantelle teaching the group about the ABC (air, brakes, chain) check, to make sure your bike is safe to ride before embarking on your journey.

In the third session, we continued to practice the basics of straight-line riding and had a slow race (the slowest one wins!) to practice balance. 

Have a great holiday everyone and looking forward to start up again in January!

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