Thursday, December 7, 2017

Connect & Explore: Youth Networking Night with Mercer Canada

On November 30th, CultureLink's Youth Online Employment Strategy (YOES) joined forces with Mercer Canada to host a youth networking event at Mercer's Innovation Hub. 

Youth had an opportunity to connect with Mercer Canada professionals working in various sectors, from IT to Investments to Sales and Marketing and more. In small speed-networking groups, they had the chance to speak one-on-one with Mercer staff, ask them questions about their career paths, learn about jobs and explore new career opportunities. 

It was a great night filled with lively career conversations! 

Misbah and Tonnette sharing their career experiences with our Youth in Arts group and what lead them to a career in investments.

Haider and Dave sharing stories about their first jobs, lessons they have learned throughout the years and what they enjoy most about their current roles. 

Learning about a career as an Actuary with Seth and Guillaume and discussing the best advice they received throughout their careers so far.

George discussing his role as an IT professional working at back-end to help Mercer's global business moving smooth and robust just like oil to an engine.

We even had a chance to play few friendly rounds of ping-pong with Mercer staff to end the night!

There were a lot of great advice and information being shared.  Here are a few takeaways our youth shared with us:  

"I learned that if you fail, it doesn't mean it's the end of your chances, every no is a new chance for you." (14-year-old youth participant)

"[What I found to be the most useful] was being able to ask any question and get everyone's input on their career choices." (Youth Participant)

"[This event] helped me learn more about what to do in the future." (16-year-old youth participant)

Thank you, Mercer Canada for sharing personal stories and career advice with us! 

For more information about our Youth Online Employment Strategy (YOES) and future networking events, contact Asal at 

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