Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Youth in Action: November @ Mimico

The month of November has been a crafty one for the Youth in Action group at Mimico Library. The focus of the month was empowerment for young girls, learning about positive self-talk, self care, being proud of who you are and expressing yourself. 

One week, the girls decorated little jars and wrote themselves a motivational letter for them to open and read on their first day of high school (in 2 years). 

Another week, the girls choreographed a dance where they freely expressed their emotions in a physical way. Their beautiful performance even had an audience of young children from another youth group at the library. 

Another week, the group focused on improv, acting activities. They performed skits where they expressed emotions, adapted to new scenes/environments and ended the evening with a fun game of charades. 

Looking forward to the next month with the girls from Youth in Action Mimico! 

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