Friday, August 4, 2017

YOUTH in ACTION goes rock climbing!

The Youth in Action Team had an AMAZING time rock climbing at #BasecampClimbing yesterday! For most of us, it was our first time trying this exhilarating sport and by the end we were all begging to sign up for more. It was exhausting but SO much fun. The space is beautiful and full of colours and the staff were absolutely wonderful, so patient and friendly. We are so grateful for this experience!!!

Gearing up and getting ready for our first climbs!

Above: Maria and Alejandra looking like pro's! Below: Alyaa taking a graceful decent from her first attempt on the wall.

Above: Siviwe and Charlie getting ready to race! Below: Dylan and Carlos are naturals!

Taking a much needed break on the comfy couches before getting ready to get back up those walls!

 We had a lot of friendly competition and kept teaming up to race up the walls. 

Teeva tried a difficult wall, he made it, but it looked like hard work!

The staff were absolutely brilliant. They gave us lots of pointers and never stopped encouraging us to reach the top!

Above: Walid gets ready to try the most difficult wall! Below: Where did he go? He made it! 

Youth in Action would like to send the BIGGEST thank-you to this fantastic rock climbing gym for their generosity, encouragement and friendliness. You all made this event an absolute success and the group had a great time. We will definitely come back and try this again!

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