Thursday, August 10, 2017

YOUTH in ACTION: Day trip to the Dundas Valley Waterfalls

The Youth in Action Team spent an amazing day hiking through the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. We met with a youth group from #AccessAlliance and took our own #ParkBus to the breathtaking trails in Hamilton.  Our group of youth did so well and the views were so beautiful that the four-hour hike seemed to end too quickly!

Playing a game of frisbee while we wait for the bus.

Off we go!

Making our way over the rocks, and here we found our first waterfall!

Taking a break in front of this natural beauty to have our lunch.

The Youth in Action group taking a photo op!

Our amazing guides, Zoe and Hany, had a scavenger hunt prepared and they gave us really interesting information about Canadian nature and made the tour so fun and relaxed!

After a short hike, we made it to the second waterfall!

Above: Charlie looking just as beautiful as the waterfall.  
Below: Teeva pulling some silly poses.

Along the hike, we stopped at a beautiful viewpoint to rest and play some games that the tour guides love. I think it is safe to say we all LOVED them too as our laughter echoed through the forest.

 Thank you so much #ParkBus and #NatureLink (and especially, Hany and Zoe) for making this event possible and so enjoyable. It was such an enriching, peaceful and fun experience and we can't wait until our next forest adventure!!!

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