Friday, August 18, 2017

Youth in Action at MJKO!

The Youth in Action Team had an awesome (and exhausting!) experience at MJKO (Mentoring Juniors Kid's Organization) this week. This boxing gym is free for youth under 18 and we had such a great time that we would recommend it to any young people looking for a fun way to live a more active lifestyle! The young people from Youth in Action were so impressive as they learned boxing skills and completed the conditioning needed to keep up that boxing strength!

 Safety first! Getting our hand raps done to protect our fingers and hands from this high impact sport.

 Feeling and looking like champs!!!

We met up in the ring to discuss the rules of the gym and introduce ourselves. MJKO has adult and youth mentors who help new boxers get ready and learn skills, they were all an amazing help and made our time there tons of fun!

 Now, we are setting up to do the warm up. It was a tough workout but the youth did amazing!

 When we finished loosening up, we moved on to learning some boxing skills. 

 Finally, it was time to throw on the boxing gloves!

Time to fire up those gloves and start practicing all the boxing moves we learned on the bags, and a bit on the coaches!

The coaches were amazing support. They were very patient with us as we learned and they were great motivators when we were running out of energy!

 Time for a well needed water break!

 And back to more boxing drills!

Last, but not least, time for some intense cool down conditioning!

The boys apparently didn't get enough conditioning and decided to have a chin-up competition. 

Three cheers for the Youth in Action team for doing a fantastic job a finishing that wicked workout! I sense a few boxing stars in the making!

Thank you MJKO for such an amazing event! 

For any youth interested in joining this free youth boxing gym, see the flyer below...

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