Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Youth in Arts and Girls Group attends a "Cooking with Harvest" Workshop

Layal was busy slicing strawberries to use as garnish when serving our home-made blueberry frozen yogurt for dessert!
Our wonderful ladies from Girls Group chopping up harvested vegetables to make our delicious salad. Great work, everyone!
Liu and Carmen chopping up onions to use as toppings for our lentil and sweet potato burgers.
Our hard-working girls making the rhubarb syrup to top on our frozen yogurt!
Some youth harvesting blackberries, mint and blueberries to use as toppings for dessert. Yum!
Our youth listening closely to kitchen safety, and how to properly use a knife and cutting board.
Bon appetit! Our youth lining up to eat. 
Selfie! Great job, everyone!
 If you are interested in joining "Girls Group", please contact Zarina Butt at or by phone at (416)588-6288 Ext. 240.

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