Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Toronto Public Library; Digital Innovation Hub visits the Mabelle After-School Program!

This is Mary from the Toronto Public Library!
She's explaining the 3D Printer process to us!

We decided to make an octopus in the 3D Printer!
Mary brought us some pre-made 3D prints! Here's a pyramid!
How cool is this Mona Lisa painting in the light!
Guess what Star Wars character this is ?

It's Yoda!
This is a Snap Circuit!
Mary engaging everyone in the Snap Circuit.
Our turn to try!
Trying it out with Olisa and Diana!

This is the MaKey MaKey!
We need the play dough to build our piano, isn't it pretty!

Ready to play with the MaKey MaKey!
Checking out the cool books Mary had brought us!

Mabelle Team Out! 

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